Protecting Your Garage And Home

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A lot of homeowners prefer to leave the garage door open unattended while they are in the house. There are a lot of safety-related issues and consequences to face especially if the garage is attached

How To Make The Garage A Pest Free Zone

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In most of the houses, the garage is the main entrance to enter the house. But, being the entryway into the home, the garage poses a threat o acting as an entrance for rodents like

True Man Cave? Three things to Make It Possible in you Garage!

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The most significant use case for a garage is to either park your car or to store tools, seasonal decorations and junk that does not have the place in the house. But, some people would

Keeping Your Garage Door Clean

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Horror movies are very popular with the movie-going crowd.  There is nothing more frightening than a dusty, cobwebbed haunted house.  Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of people’s garages that have that same look! By that,

Have You Thought About Repurposing Your Garage?

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Recently, I ran into some trouble with my Garage Door Opener.  It was lightly snowing outside, and the temperature was freezing.  I was coming home from a doctor’s appointment and not feeling too well, to

When Should You Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

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The opener that you use for your garage is a relatively simple device that one would expect to last for a good 20 years.  Even so, there are occasions in which you may want to